Windows Share option: Institutional License Installation

The windows share option is the MCH recommended method to install your Institutional licenses, on multiple machines on your network.
Once you have completed installing the MCH Multimedia Viewer (Part A), on each of the machines where you want to install the Physical Chemistry book, you can

Part B: Place the zipped file from MCH multimedia on a machine and share the folder.

On the designated ‘server (the machine which will contain the shared folder that the other machines will install from), perform the following steps.


Place file in Folder

2 ) Share the folder

Share Folder

You can also refer to instructions on sharing folders on windows7 and xp


Now on each of the machines (on network), which will run the book

3) Launch the MCH Multimedia Viewer from the start menu or your desktop. Note: Your version of the viewer may be a later version number.

Launch the MCH Multimedia Viewer

Step3: Launch the MCH Multimedia Viewer


4) Copy the serial number you received in your email and paste it into the dialog boxStep4 : Enter your CodeStep4a: Enter your Code


5) In the dialog box choose the Download Type>Local> Windows Share option

Username/Password: The user name and pass word you used to login in on the server (machine that has the shared folder)

IP Address: Of the server (how to find ip address on windows?)

Path: Path to the file location on the server.  e.g.: MCH_PCHEM\LMSR-DL_e (pay attention to the direction of the slash  ‘\’)

 Windows Share

Your ebook should now begin to download. *PLEASE BE PATIENT*. This could take several minutes. After the download is complete the viewer will extract and launch this book, a process that could take an additional 2-3 minutes.

Windows Share Step2Repeat the previous 3 steps on all the machines, enjoy the book.
Step6: Successful install

Want to add another purchase to the MCH Multimedia Viewer?
Having trouble with your installation? Have a look at the FAQ or describe your problem in the comment box below.

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