Installation of LMS Physical Chemistry on the MAC

We do not officially support the Physical Chemistry book on the MAC

However, customers have been able to use the Physical Chemistry book and its modules on Apple computers via virtualization solutions such as the ones described here. These virtualization solutions work by installing software that allows you to run the windows os on MAC computers.

We encourage users, who have had success in using the book on a MAC, to share their knowledge with others. Please use the comments section to discuss your approach.

Once you have a supported version of the windows OS on your MAC. Installing the LMS Physical Chemistry book is a simple process.

Disclaimer: We do not offer any support for the following. All solutions mentioned here are provided by third parties. In no event will MCH Multimedia, Inc. be liable for any damages, including lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental or consequential damages, even if MCH Multimedia, Inc. is advised of the possibility of such damages, or for any claim by you or any third party.

Here are a list of  solutions that have been reported to have been used to install the Physical Chemistry Book on the MAC.

1) Virtualbox: This is an open source solution, freely available (GNU General Public License). Here are the installation instructions. This video is quite good to help you on your way

LMS Physical Chemistry on MAC using Virtualbox

LMS Physical Chemistry on MAC

2) Parallels.: This solution is not free like the previous one. One of our customers has been running the book using this software.

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