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College Science Software BundleCollege Science Bundle: The three college level courses - General Chemistry, General Physics (calculus) and Organic chemistry, bundled together in one package.College Science Software Bundle

High School Science Bundle: The two high school level courses- Introductory Chemistry and General Physics (non- calculus), bundled together into one package. This bundle is very popular with High School and Home School students.Chemistry and Physics Software for High School and Home School

Dr. Bryan Sanctuary

Bryan Sanctuary, Professor of Chemistry at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) as well as president of MCH Multimedia. | | and co- author of Physical Chemistry - Laidler, Meiser, Sanctuary. You can also read about Quantum mechanics and Physical Chemistry on Bryan's personal blog:

Using multimedia to illustrate Entropy and Avogadro’s constant

Here are a couple of clips where I use multimedia from the physical chemistry book, in the classroom, to explain concepts Continue reading

Isobaric, Isochoric and Isothermal processes for an ideal gas

Various processes for an ideal gas explained using the Physical Chemistry ebook. The clips are from classroom recordings, please excuse if the quality is not that great. Continue reading

ERROR: “The operation has timed out” or “The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive”

Able to load the physical chemistry text book but while reading the book you get  12-20 pop up messages stating either “The operation has timed out” or “The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive”. After each of the two messages come up numerous times, the program shuts off and you have to go back and restart the textbook.
This is a .NET error as described in this knowledge base article from Microsoft.
a) Download and install all the latest updates for your Windows  OS from
b) Make sure your internet connection is reliable. If you are using a wireless connection, it may be dropped by your router intermittently. A better router may fix the issue. Alternatively you can also try connecting the laptop/computer directly to the router via an ethernet cable.
To ensure that we can investigate the issue  to see if we can do anything else on the software side we have logged bug #122.

ERROR: “RegisterFree has stopped working”


You can browse through the chapters of your Physical Chemistry book but you get a message saying ‘RegisterFree has stopped working” which causes the ebook to close down.
This rare error, usually happens on windows vista OS.


Update your Windows/Vista OS by downloading and installing the latest service packs or upgrades for Windows/Vista from

Visualization software for teaching phase diagram, chemical equilibrium and phase equilibrium

Thermodynamics Module - Physical Chemistry

Q: I want to know about software or visualization software which I can use for phase diagram, chemical equilibrium and phase equilibrium. Which module deals with these topics?

ANS: Phase diagrams are well explained in the thermodynamics module. The chapters that deal with these topics specifically are chapter 5 and 6 (which are part of the thermodynamics module)

Try our bestselling undergraduate Physical Chemistry courseware

Thermodynamics Module - Physical Chemistry
Thermodynamics module
Chapters 1 to 6 of Physical Chemistry - Laidler, Meiser, Sanctuary

Includes multimedia that opens on relevant pages and allows the student to visualize many of the concepts by varying parameters and plotting different graphs. Things students often have difficulty with, such as isothermal, isobaric, isochoric and adiabatic process, are clearly visualized.

Get it from: Thermodynamics Module - Physical Chemistry

Physical Chemistry - Laidler, Meiser, Sanctuary
Physical Chemistry textbook
by Laidler, Meiser, Sanctuary

This popular Physical Chemistry text book is now available in electronic format. We have preserved much of the material of the former hard copy editions, making changes to improve understanding of the concepts in addition to including some of the recent discoveries in physical chemistry. Many chapters have new sections and the coverage of several chapters has been greatly expanded.

Get it from: Physical Chemistry - Laidler, Meiser, Sanctuary

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